Training & Events

Foods and Nutrition Workshop

Date: 26 September 2015
Location: Mumbai
Programme Fees: 5000.00

What wisdom fake watches is to mind same is food to body. Eating food is a necessity but eating intelligently is an art.  Food is closely related to the problems being faced in, todayís corporate world, like stress, high cholesterol, High/ Low B.P, obesity, fatigue ness,  mood swings, depression.. So faulty foods habits need to be taken care of to get rid of all the body discomforts.
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Objective: To create awareness amongst corporations regarding healthy and unhealthy foods choices. To make all the participants understand that minor changes in lifestyle bring about major changes in the personís life.

1) Focusing on You Are What You Eat.
2) Foods Illusions
3) Stepping stones towards achieving healthy body
4) Stress in correlation to nutrition and vice versa
5) Healthy and Unhealthy foods.
6) Changes in lifestyle that bring positive life changing results.

We conducted this workshop successfully at Piramal Group on 27-Sept-2010.
This workshop had the motive to change the way our participants would look at their next meal. And we were actually able to achieve that.

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