Training & Events

Stress Management Workshop

Date: 29 August 2015
Location: Mumbai
Programme Fees: 10000.00

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Someone at work seems edgy, hypersensitive to criticism, is easily discouraged or has poor concentration and a short attention span --- S/he could be eating, smoking or drinking too much Ö.. that person is probably overstressed. In fact that person  could be You!  You need to press the  Stop Button

Stress is an everyday fact of life. One canít avoid it But, Yes, one needs to learn to adapt to it.

Whether the stress you experience is the result of major life changes or cumulative effect of minor day to day worries at office, it is how you respond to these experiences that determines the impact stress will have on you.

This program will help you to not only interpret your present or past experiences, but also help you to predict the type and intensities of stress in the future and your coping styles that can serve either to relax or can stress you further.

You will have an awareness of the various types of organizational stresses, their causes and effect. You will also be exposed to the most popular stress management and relaxation techniques and exercises used today.

Finally, it is our hope and sincere wish that it will help you to better cope with stress in future and become more relaxed and less frustrated in life leading to wellness. 

Module 1
What is stress? Identifying eustress, distress and burnout levels.
Johari Window of distress reactions.

Module 2
Assessing your stress, strain, outlook and life style habits. [with use of instruments].
Interpreting your results.

Module 3
Organization related stresses and their impact on the individual.
Tyle 'A' - Behavior and its impact on health.

Module 4
Stress related Depression [Identify depressive behavior using BDI instrument]

Module 5
Stress coping and reduction skills.
Autogenics, Biofeedback, RET.
Testing your resilience under stress.

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